Hardware requirements

Features of MOplot

Rules for drawing MO's (Haselbach and Schmelzer, 1971)*

* Helv. Chim. Acta 54, 1299 (1971)

Example: Methyl cation

Limitations, Caveats

How to obtain MOplot

*)To install MOPlot on a Mac, expand the .sitx file with Stuffit. This will create a folder with the same name as the archive. In there you find the executable and the "LabVIEW Runtime Engine" which you must install on your Mac by clicking on it (if that does not work, open that folder and click on the LabVIEW alias contained in there). Note that you need to have a runtime engine that matches with the version of the executable that you use

Here you can find MOplot manual (pdf):

and here the sample files for the propietary MOPLot input format:

The authors would be grateful to learn about your opinion on MOplot and possible bugs in the program.

They can be reached via:

If you would like to receive information in the future on the further development of MOplot, please send a note to the authors so that we can put you on the distribution list.
February 13, 2008(TB)